Wednesday, October 26, 2011

little science insects

You two again?!?!

I have Home School Swap at my house 2x this week so here is take 2! A little 'book work' for Little Science on the Insect Unit.   
While the scientist assembled creatures in the lab I did some reading to my captive audience.  We covered parts of insects, ranges, and classifications.
We spent sometime identifying the Water Boatman Willow captured with the Water Striders on the Little Science Field Trip last week a bigg'in day. (T, don't worry, that 'don't handle' icon is because they closely resemble an insect which bites!)
abdomen, thorax, & head- nice!

While reading through the materials we played a few of the games & quizzes, & the little scientists decided they wanted to try one of the creative activities where you invent your own insect.  So science, as it often does around here, leads us to art, creative writing, & lunch!  

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