Tuesday, November 1, 2011

falling november

Falling November
mlb 2002

Go walking on the edge of summer,
pause on wet mountains in tall grass, run through leaves of yesterday. 
Fall through fading light into a thunderous November. 
With snow that crawls across the ground,
covering the hillsides and filling the sky. 
Blue horizons and winter’s breath.
Drawn down from gray clouds and up from cold earth.

Stand beneath sheltered eaves, huddle in doorways and under soft sheets,
gaze with wonder through closed windows. 

Make your way in winds that rip and rise, through doors an across streets. 

Mornings of quiet darkness in a frozen world,
where you move quickly or not at all.

Rest in comfort within the stark night,
with stars fixed in time,
listen to the building of a season,
the mounting of a storm. 
Be consumed by the pace of change from one to another and on to the next,
live without regret in a falling November.

I remember sitting on the sky bridge which connects the School of Medicine with the Hospital.  My forehead pressed against the cold glass watching a storm consume the city lights in the valley below trying to gather enough strength to go home after three days of exams & 2 back to back 16 hour nights with the Trauma team most of the time spend in the bowels of the OR & SICU.  And as I watched a storm roll in, writing this poem in my head, my pager went off calling me back- I had 3 thought at the moment 1. Holy shit are you kidding me?! I haven't even left yet 2. If I hurry & beat the Intern my Attending will let me open 3. I should write this all down.

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