Thursday, October 6, 2011

what the rain brought in

Making a jar of rain on a rainy autumn day. 

Rain Jar
jar or vase
2 cardboard circles cut to fit
tissue paper
decorative items for the bottom (we picked leafs)
sharp blade

Paint one side of each of the circles of blue/grey/white (or clouds!)  Let dry.  Cut the tissue paper in thin strips of various lengths.  Cut small slots in one of the dry painted cardboard circles for the tissue paper to be pulled through.  Carefully pull the strips of tissue paper through the holes. Place the 2 cardboard pieces colored sides facing out together tucking in any edges of the tissue paper and staple them together.

When the weather gets old we will removed the leafs add sand, shells, & 'swimming' sea life.
The play house came in.  It takes up Boo's whole room. 

Then the people went out for frog food & window shopping

Then back to the rain.
There is snow falling in the foothills & you can't see the mountains through the clouds... Pray for snow! It's working :)

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