Wednesday, October 12, 2011

it took 2 days, well sort of...

Eight years ago on Oct 12th I was stuck on bed rest watching of all things A Cry In the Dark, you know 'a dingo ate my baby' waiting for Colby to return from Idaho so I didn't have this baby alone. See it was his scheduled pick up with Fisher.  We would drive three hours to a small town in Idaho meeting half way between households for the hand off.  Being 9 months pregnant I could no longer go with on a six hour car ride.  Well versed in false and preterm labor when first little contractions started before Colby left we decided he should go anyway.  But shortly after he was out of cell phone contact I realized the mistake.  I can honestly tell you she should have been born on the 12th but I curled up in bed and with everything I had I stayed very still and very calm and waited for him to come maybe the only disagreement of wills I have ever won with Beach.     

This crazy dirt eating chronically curious monkey.

Make that spider monkey
 Walked at 8 months, potty trained at 12, and I have said it before it seemed to me she came out talking and has never stopped.  Who we called Dent for a while due to the huge goose egg she had for our first official family photo. 'A Rose by any other name': She renamed herself E.B. at age three to avoid writing out her name.  Told a photographer her name was Watermelon and briefly went by .Org...I blame PBS for that one.
 Oh, the Look of Beach.  When she was about three weeks old I handed her back to Colby and said. "I don't think she likes me, she keeps glaring at me like Spock..."

Her adorably unique taste: wouldn't shower without the dust pan, her first favorite toys a triangle of broken granite counter top named Rocky & a plastic jelly fish (poor cute stuffies from Pottery Barn sitting unloved).  And then the time with the pizza: who knew she could climb like that...

                                                   Ask anyone she came to us this way. 
A beautiful little girl more happy to climb a tree and to find a worm than candy.

Smart enough to never turn her back on a dinosaur.

Brave.  Stubborn.  Determined.  Driven.
Funny. Happy. Adventurous.

          A carnivore who loves camping and hiking.  I hear she is a good shot too.

When she grows up she wants to be a Vet with an animal rescue living off grid in Southern Utah.
Always Beach.
And at 4 minutes after midnight on Monday October 13th you were born & yes the story is true nobody caught you, even back then you didn't want any help with is the end of 7. 
Happy 8th Birthday E.B. Watermelon .Org Edison Boo Bear Beach Ries!
You deserve 2 Birthdays!

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