Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...want to hear a scary story?

Once upon a time in a little village set on the edge of a strange and mysterious river lived a Farmer & his Wife.  Every year when the days grew shorter as was the custom the men of the village took up their guns and left for the woods to hunt for meat to eat through the long cold winter. 
The Farmer said to his Wife, "Look after the chickens Dear Wife.  Make sure to feed them, to water them, and at night tuck them in their beds so they are safe from the big bad wolf. 

"Yes Husband," the Wife answered, "I will do all that you asked me to do while you are away hunting for meat for the long cold winter."

So that night she didn't because she was really a naughty wife who instead of braving the dark night outside sat in her bed with their young child watching Harry Potter & painting her toenails.  In the morning seeing the flock scattered all over the farm she devised a wicked plan to hide her laziness. 

Taking the heaping scrap bowl, a full pan of grain, and fresh sparkling water out to the coop she lured the hens back.  The Wife was pleased with her naughtiness & giggled to herself when out of nowhere she heard, "cheep-cheep-cheep."  The Wife looked around to see who would make such a sweet little sound and seeing nothing said to herself, "Silly me we have no baby chickens. I tricked the sweet family down the lane into taking them."  So she began to close the gate on the coop but again she heard, "Cheep-Cheep-Cheep"  This time louder.  The Wife looked around again and found nothing.  She began to be afraid and again heard, "CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP!"  The Wife screamed and in her fright let go of the coop gate freeing the chickens back into the yard.
And to this day when the men leave to the woods to hunt they remind their Wives to do as they are told or some God-damn chicken will hatch some baby ghost chicks while they are away....

And you may laugh saying to yourself there is no such thing as ghost chicks but modern photographic evidence says otherwise look closely and you may catch a glimpse of one haunting the grass below a phantom hen!    



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  1. Awesome, Misty. In every way. Beware the ghost chicky! Naughty lazy toenail painting Harry Potter reading Wifey! Let this be a lesson to all of us!

    Yeah. I loved this.