Monday, October 3, 2011

the seeds of little science

Perfect time to finish our Plant Science Unit with a little walk up East Canyon.  See the trees turning, collect leafs for leaf luminaries, get close with seeds, & walk in the sun...We took the dogs along because although the SL County side is a water shed the Morgan County side is not.  
I bought the girls science notebooks & colored pencils which gives us 2 more projects to look forward to doing: covering the notebooks & making no-sew wool felt pencil rolls!   

Covered the basics on the ride up: reviewed chlorophyll, seed transportation, gas exchanges, you know all the usual plant science.  Threw in some history Mormon Pioneers, Parley Pratt & his road, & the Donner Party. Don't worry we brought Apple Oatmeal Cookies.

With seeds everywhere even I am carrier!!!


The little scientist at work. Moving from plant science to insects (hey, how did they know that was the next unit?!)


The poor snake I hit and injured.

  The girls getting a better view of the sheep herd running towards us down the narrow canyon road. 

                                           Sheep dog perhaps?
Great freaking Day! Look for our leaf luminaries, science notebooks, & pencil rolls.  Next week Little Science takes on Insects & Bugs

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