Wednesday, October 12, 2011

walking with ghosts

A few years before my big-little sister died we hiked this canyon together in the freshly fallen snow of a beautiful October, sisters rising under Autumn skies of ghostly blue. 

I have hiked this hill sick, well, pregnant, in love, and in anger. 

I have hiked it alone and I hiked it in the company of those I love and those I once loved but lost. 

I have fallen, been knocked down, picked up, stepped over a HUGE spider without screaming, & proposed to here. 

I have eaten Thanksgiving Dinner at the top, drank a bottle of wine in the middle, & toasted an end of Finals beer at the bottom.

                I hiked it in the rain, the snow, the blazing sun, and in the aftermath of a fire. 

The past is never very far away when you are on a mountain, after all it is the past you are climbing. 

Oh Kilo, baby dog this mountain was yours for sure & today little Mercy is stumbling in your foot steps, fighting to find her own way beside you in my heart and at my feet.  Given time she will do just fine. 

I suppose I hiked with a little melancholy in my head and a little melon collie at my heels but however I got to the top today like all other days it doesn't matter how just why. 

                                                 I swear I can see heaven from here.  


What is heaven to this Atheist? It is a place of undeniable beauty,  

where all roads lead you home.

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