Sunday, October 16, 2011


Calling all Goblins & Ghouls,
You are here by invited to help us haunt the fields of the R & B farm for a
BOOthday Carnival in honor of our
Resident Ghostly Spook Beach Ries
No need to dress in costume you are scary enough just the way you are!!! Dress for active outdoor fun & games including ghastly October weather!
Haunts will enjoy Halloween midway games, fortune telling, prizes, & gluten free sweets.

Grown-up Witches & Warlocks & their little goblins are welcome to stay & play or *PoOf* disappear if they prefer.
Please let the groundskeepers know of you are planning to attended...

Midway Rules

Take turns
Play nicely
Keep track of your treat bags
Listen politely to the rules of the games
Obey traffic safety laws when running around- the boothday girl, chickens, & younger goblins have the right of way at all times.
Please no more than 3 kids on the trampoline at one time we don’t need real broken bones or dead bodies.
…remember to include everyone.

Please Enjoy your time at haunted R & B farms & watch your step!!!
If you have little goblins here today haunting the farm, please enjoy helping them with all the games. Don’t forget to keep a good eye on them we would hate to lose any of the cute ones….

Dress Up Relay

Time to open gifts

Getting the parents to do the Dress Up Relay!


~The End~


  1. If you do the signs before the Squatters Ale, the grammer works out better. Just sayin'... (Don't ask how I know this.)

  2. P.S. Oops, used wrong account to sign in, it's yer stupid B-in-L in Tucson.

  3. wow!! so cool--beat our cowboys and indians party to bits!!