Saturday, October 29, 2011

basket case

The quest for something RED for Halloween sent us shopping.  Along the way we found quite a few cute new-to-her things to wear like this Thanksgiving Power Suit and 2 new pairs of  funky shoes (so sorry Aunt T, more strange shoes).

...Really we were just killing a little time with the seasonal cleaning game 'Keep or Donate'.  We take all of Beach's clothing and sort them between 2 laundry baskets KEEP and DONATE.  Followed by a small fashion show for the new wardrobe pieces.  These may not be the best pic's but the fact Beach would agree was more than enough.  She is usually a little bit less flamboyant.

Cute short pants & a perfect shirt for winter.  Of course you can't pass on the polka dots.


RED! Well now that we have red let's see, 
one more outfit to try on today. You might have already seen this one, the reason we were killing time. 

How is it to stand with Thing 1 at beam waiting to salute Frankenstein & 2 witches? 
2 Golds, 1 Silver, & 1 Bronze for events.  GOLD for the All Around!
Biggest deal of the day was one of those Golds was in Vault!  Not bad with one eye!!!!  No, at 8 years old the biggest deal of the day is getting to go home with your best Ninja buddy- medals? what medals?   

Yep, KEEP basket.

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  1. I like the grey wool shoes and I like the fashion show; LOVE the polka dots, LOVE the brown cords, and always LOVE anything red. Good job Boo at your amazing gymnastical skills! Happy Halloween, I hope it is spooktakular!