Thursday, October 13, 2011

bloggers of the corn

The scariest thing is I can't seem to stay out of Utah County...
Hiking without happy meals hooked up with the powers of the moms from Joyful Liberation & A Journey Amongst The Living for an Adventure Thursday at a little corn maze and pumpkin patch.

                                      Heading into the corn maze...will they ever come out?
Beach was so grateful to find the exit she didn't care that it was the way we came in.  She ran full sprint out through a group of kids on a field trip yelling, "I have never been so happy to see Schooled Kids!"  And some kid said, "Did you hear what that boy was yelling as he ran by?"


 Joyful Liberation & A Journey Amongst the Living last seen in the pumpkin patch at Hee Haw Farms....
They are presumed hungry & thirsty & if they are still in Utah County very very thirsty. (It is a Utah Joke) 


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