Monday, January 2, 2012

weather or not

Before Little Science heads out to explore other planets I thought we would spend some time on earth. And since Utah is currently having no weather of its own I figured we could make some. We start with an introduction to atmosphere and temperature.  Breeze through air cells and land in the clouds.   

 Air Serpents
The idea is to see the rising warmed air.  The serpent spins when placed in a stream of moving air.
Supplies: paper, pen, scissors, tape, & thread.  Directions: Cut out a paper circle then beginning with one edge (this will be the tail) start cutting a continuous spiral until you reach the middle of the paper (this will be the head).  Attach the thread to the head and let hang.  Don't fooled by the smiles they like them because they are snakes not because they can see the air move them!      

Cloud Making
Supplies: wide mouth clear plastic jar, an inch of warm water, a strainer with ice.
 or instead of a strainer you can us a baking tray.

In case you were wondering this is the book/kit the crafts/experiments came from today.  I found mine unopened for $2.00 at a local thrift store, it retails for $14.95 but amazon has them starting at a buck! Worth every penny!!!  I was so impressed by the clarity & depth of science in this book I actually wrote the weather unit into our science lessons just so I could use it.

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