Monday, January 9, 2012

her people

Beach came home from grandma's with a magic act. 
It has a few coin tricks and some magic cloth action.  What I like best about her show is her showmanship.  I don't care for magic but hearing her say 'the french drop' and watching her bow deeply with a sweeping arm makes me smile. 
So while me and my new young magician set out to get passport photos today for 'dad's dream mexican disaster' we stopped in at the other grandmas for quick hello & a few magic tricks.  We left with a long piece of billowy yellow fabric which I will send back over to the other grandma to sew into a magician's cape for Beach.  
The lady taking our photo's told Beach not to smile.  Beach wanted to know why?  & like I said on fb all I had time to tell her was it was for the government.  Beach stewed over the answer all the way back to the car.  "Why does the government want us to be unhappy?  If I was in charge I would want my people to smile."  She climbed in little red.  "This country needs more magic, mom." 
 "Yes, it does.  That's what kids like you are for."
We drove to a local international charity store where Beach preformed magic for the sweet old women working there.  They loved her, smiles right through the roof.  Then she bought a little Yeti with her allowance. 
We moved on to a thrift store loaded up with new-to-us books and games.

Checking out she did some magic tricks for the clerk, all smiles.  And the unfortunate people in line behind us, smiling too.  I hope they weren't in a hurry.
We stopped at a market for noodles and yogurt.  She did a few magic tricks for the clerks who only stopped giggling to ask me if Beach was for sale.  She even did a magic trick for the car stopped next to us at red light driving home.  I realized this after they pulled up next to me waving and smiling, pointing at the backseat window.
                                                        Hey Beach, guess what?
                                                      Your people ARE smiling.       


  1. I love Beach!! Is she promised to anyone yet? I have a wonderful 8 year old boy she needs to meet!! <3

    1. We love Beach too! Could you imagine the story: Blogger Moms arrange marriage for 8yr-olds! lol