Saturday, January 21, 2012

party in the winter rain

Sometimes if you plan for snow or no snow you get rain.
But a little rain can't stop kids from having fun at a birthday party!
Me staying warm with an epic set of underdogs for the girls on the swings.
Birthday Boy's little sister looking for a refill on the hot chocolate.
                                                                         Cake time!
Who needs forks anyway! That is the Birthday Boy digging in.
 There was a small break in the rain but by the time the pinata was hung it started to snow.
                                            Call in the pinata killer to finish it off fast!
Yep. You guessed it Beach is well known for her swing-usually it is 
'back of the line sweet little blond girl with the glasses'.
In the car just in time.
           And they all fall down...thanks Birthday Boy, & Birthday Boy's family for a great time!

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  1. Thanks for sticking it out in the cold and ick! I was so happy to see you! <3