Saturday, January 21, 2012

cartoons & castles

Beach's gymnastics schedule doesn't often allow for long Saturday mornings lounging in front of the tv watching cartoons but an out of state meet changed our schedule this week. We traded our Saturday morning practice for a Friday night one & our regular coaches for subs. 

It is a good thing we don't have gym today poor Boo doing cartwheels on high beam fell & split the beam. It was bound to happen.  The sad-sweet part of it was as she fell on the beam she grabbed hold of it with all she had ending up upside down like a opossum, eyes closed, legs & arms wrapped so tight.  I know what she was thinking 'just don't fall off' as if not hitting the padded mats was a small victory.  She denied being injured despite the angry red lines running up her inner thighs.  The coach sent her for a drink and Boo without any one telling her to remounted the beam and nailed the next set of cartwheels.   
She also failed to inform the guest coaches about her vision or lack of.  When I asked why she didn't warn them (at least for bars) she laughed, "I forgot."  "We need to know stuff like that," the coach said.  "Well, if it isn't bugging me it shouldn't be bugging you." She retorted.
But even Saturday mornings can't hold on forever...haunted cardboard castle construction on hold for a trip to dad's work with dad and then a birthday party in the park with good friends. 
                 Beach frowned when I told her it was time to go,  "The ghosts can wait." 
                                            "No they can't mom, they are dying to get in."  

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