Monday, January 2, 2012

that's a flat out lie!

One of the very best qualities of home schooling for me is the unplanned unit study.  For example our unit on Lies, I certainly didn’t set out to do a unit on lying.   What I thought I was doing was reading a Brainteaser interactive book that my mother-in-law tossed our way True Lies, 18 Tales For You To Judge told by George Shannon.  (Beach loves this book so much I need to find more!)   

Meanwhile back in American history I thought ‘oh this looks cultural and historic’ Whoppers Tall Tales and Other Lies Collected from American Folklore by Alvin Schwartz I read the America Folklore part of the title and figured we’d run into Jonny Appleseed and Paul Bunion.  I set this book with Abe Lincoln’s Hat, 50 States, and the U.S. President, sort of funny now that I think about it.
Yesterday sitting in the hot tub rereading (one of the other nice things about home schooling, location!) True Lies I decided to fetched Whoppers.  I thought it was a good transition from lying to tall tales and a back door into history but boy was I wrong.  It was the gemstone of the lying unit.

Okay then with the Lying Unit checked off our list what next? That’s the beauty of it, I have absolutely no idea...     

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