Saturday, January 7, 2012

driving the machine

Beach is on a learning leap again.  These seemingly magical stretches of the natural learning cycle amaze me.  They consume me.  I am reading four novels at once and none of them are mine.  Learning leaps are kind of scary too, like driving a boat really fast through choppy waters.  Are we making it?
Yesterday in calm the hot water of Crystal Hot Spring with my Educational Partner in Crime T from over at Joyful Liberation, we touched on the foundations of why I am here at all & where do we see the little scientist going in the future. 
Of course it is all speculation on the parents’ part but neither of us sees them going a traditional route.  And T is old hat at this, she would know. 
That vision of my life kicks the doors wide open. 

We are here now & we maybe here for a long time.
It is working.  It is more than working. 
She’s happy and learning. 
I like what I see and feel, yet I am missing the world I left behind to be here. 
It feels like a lost first love that hospital on the hill. 
Life is about choices. 
I know I need something more than I am getting here.  Am I not supposed to say that? Hum, I wonder.  So it is time to make a short list of what I need; a list that would work from here/now.  That works with what is already working & with my role(s) here.  I’m not wishing to over turn the boat I simply need my own flotation device.  I need a life vest.  Maybe one day I will have my own seat too, it's a mom thing…                 

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