Saturday, January 28, 2012

unsolved mysteries on the farm

There at two very strange things going on around here...First one was the surprise sudden reported appearance of the step son.  I say reported because although he flew in Thursday night I have literally have not seen more than a passing glance of the back of his head.  Usually it requires and act of congress to arrange visits between households so a one phone call 'come get me from the airport' was a shock. 
Adding to the strangeness he came in Thursday night and went straight to bed, left with his Dad the next morning to work without so much as a grumble about 'having to go'.  Beach and I missed their afternoon farm stop.  When we got home from the ice rink he was off on a late over to a friends.  I was asleep when he got home after missing his curfew by an hour (oops!).  And just now he was asleep as Colby was exiting with Beach heading to gymnastics but suddenly he yelled, "I'm going with them!" and the door slammed.  Really?! I think more than ever there is a story behind this but I'm just the Stepper so I'm going to stay out of it.  Besides I have another mystery to deal with.  I need to figure out where my dog got that bone!!!! Gross....she better not have killed a cow or worse taken it from some homeless guy down by the river.


  1. I just realized I lost a friend on facebook - that you disappeared. I hope everything is OK!! I wanted to tell you all about the burn holes in my purse and coat - from a popping campfire!!!

  2. oh-my Coco, that takes hot flashes to a whole new level!!! As for leaving fb what I was realizing was more & more instead of feeling happy & social when I was ‘there’ I was feeling very alone. Once I removed myself it was like I had hung up an off the hook phone or shut a window that was open to a busy street. My blog took a major hit but in the end it has proven more than worth the loss in readership. Plus my true friends & loved ones, such as yourself know how & where to find me.
    A BIG Thanks for joining the new blog.
    w/luv ~Beach's Crazy Mom~