Tuesday, January 17, 2012

love seeking lost logic

Beach is downstairs in the school room tucked between half a dozen blankets watching Eldorado and I am upstairs in my yoga clothes stewing.  The house is untidy but not all together lost.  We did a sheet of subtraction action, watched a nature DVD on the ocean, and read a book about homophones & some Goosebumps.  But it is clear nothing else is getting done today. 
Neither of us feels all that great but we don’t have anything solid to pin the complaint to.  Both have stuffy noses & scratchy throats, yet it is only the tired that is getting us down.
Being a kid she got tea with honey, a movie, a pack of crayons, and a good pad of clean white paper.  That’s it, take it easy, and call me when/if you need something.  Me, I put a load of clean wet clothing into the dryer, put away a tumble of stray items from around the house and now I expect myself to do yoga.  The idea I have is it will help me feel better.  But it begs the question if yoga instead of a movie in bed will help ME feel better why did I tuck my baby into down time & not the yoga mat? Yep, Moms are curious creatures…

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