Friday, January 13, 2012

a step towards the dark side

I have officially jumped into the CrossFit Gang.  This may sound totally crazy but I have been fighting to get in good enough shape to cross over for sometime now.  I am not actually in that shape yet hence the two Hispanic males in the gym watching me sprint on the treadmill comment: That whitey fat girl is kicking our asses.  But yesterday I got tired of waiting, took the leap of no faith & did it anyway.  Both of my Doctors are optimistically horrified but you know what?  I feel fantastic today, hell, I felt fantastic yesterday laying on the ground ass totally kicked.  And don't ask me to twist left or right or breath too deeply but nothing is broken including my nose from that knee meet nose event doing Lateral Burpees.  
This was #5 on my short list of what I want for me in the here and now.  It wasn't the bottom of the list becasue it was the least important, it was a the bottom becasue it lays the foundation for the other 4.    

CrossFit, you had my total respect before but now you have my absolute allegiance & anything else you want.   

Note to Doctors who want me to do yoga and take long walks maybe take up golf: yeah, nope, smile this way.

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