Sunday, January 1, 2012

by 30%

I have a fantasy about getting rid of everything we own and up & leaving.  I also have a fantasy about planting a patch of black berries that my one-day-grand-kids will pick berries from.  I am a gypsy-hermit & I am sure there are more of us out there. 

Abandoning our lives right now is not on the new Goats in Trees calendar so I have some living to get done in this space of ours. Once again stuff in our life has piled so high around us (& under us) that our stuff is holding us back. 
If you can't find the dog's leash or your favorite hat or you have to step over anything that isn't alive to get out the door it is time to S.O.R.T (see-organize-recycle-throw out).
Sure it just means deep cleaning BUT no, it doesn't.  It means honestly LOOKING at everything, touch everything you have and making a decision 'does this make my life better?'  My goal is to reduce the household items by 30%.  That is tricky outside of yard sale season but little red is backed up in the driveway with  her back hatch hanging open waiting for the piles to arrive. 
It will take us all week partly because I have had a slight medical set back last week and part due to the enormous task ahead.  Wish us luck in our sorting & some of you might want to check your front stoops for 'gifts' from us *calendar not included.     

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