Tuesday, January 3, 2012

don't drink the frog, a city day

A few animal hijinx, a complaint (mine) about the up coming dream (his) Mexican vacation, science spelling on the wipe board, a note next to a full glass of water that reads: don't drink the frog, and we are off for our day as city girls. 
Starting with the Natural History Museum of Utah.
Then to the City & County Building for the swearing in ceremony. 
That's our man Kyle taking the oath of office. Go Kyle!!!!
 The great speech that followed...
And oh-yeah the Mayor. 
Beach was all ears.
                                         Then the drumming began & she was up and out of her seat!

 It was a good day to be in the city.

There she goes.  Don't worry she's in very good hands. 
And he did return her right in time for lunch at Hires with her Dad.
Yep. A good day. Minus the parking ticket.

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