Monday, January 30, 2012

new lows and rotten scoundrels

Oh-boy.  That weekend was that normal sort of strange you get in a blended family.  The boys plan to go shooting (archery not guns).  The mom says, "Can the girl go too?"  Sure & they buy her a little bow at the army navy store minus the arrows.  No arrows. No go shooting.  Okay negated the fact that mom is missing her Sunday date with her gym Buddie so the boys can go, & the fact that Colby was busy with Fish forgetting to get my car from the shop so now it is in time out, and the poor kid got a new bow but can't use it, we are looking for the good.  And the Lady Utes Gymnastic meet broadcast at 11 perfect! The girls make a big bowl of popcorn did some crafts and start watching.  Suddenly enter the boys (what?! already?!?!?!) they take over the sofa and the popcorn....grrrr but we still have our Lady Utes! 
And of course there was that walk with dad and dogs while the potatoes and the roast were cooking for an early Sunday meal before the boys headed for the airport hand off. It went like this walk, walk, walk, one hand on the monkey bars and "we have to go back..."  I think dinner was timed and if it wasn't it should have been because it was a real record breaking consumption.  And they were gone.
Or so we thought.   Turns out after the short walk & play, practically dining and dashing dinner, the flight was over booked.  So here we all are together.  Watching a family movie they picked out: a Kung Fu movie with subtitles- good luck Beach!  I think I'll make cookies for the visually impaired kid sitting under the TV trying to read the rapidly flashing words on the screen.  You know the, newly outed vegetarian whose announcement happened after I defrosted a roast.  She might be hungry. 
For those of you who know Beach you know she eats cookies known as Blanks they are chip-less nut-less chocolate chip cookies.  I carefully make six oatmeal blanks and 2 full cookie sheets of walnut chocolate chip.  "Wow Cookies, thanks!" And I reminded them to please not eat Boo's, that there were easily 2 dozen good cookies in the kitchen.  Everyone was happy...until this morning when I found Boo face full of tears looking at her now empty place of blanks. Those damn boys ate her cookies.  Now you're going to laugh: I called Colby who was standing at the airport to ask him WTH? And he blamed it on the cats. 
I'm telling you if they missed another flight I'm going to suggest they drive to Idaho.
Damn. I love Mondays.....:)

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