Saturday, January 7, 2012

dirty dishing on farm luv

I’m in baggy black sweatpants that aren’t mine they belong to an old boyfriend, my black hooded sweat shirt that reads Psycho on the back, one leg of the sweats pushed up showing the ace bandage wrapping my left calf, old gym shoes and no socks.  I look like I belong in a bike gang but those who know me well know that isn't possible, I am lucky I didn’t wreck while using the stationary bike at the gym the other day. 
So this is me Saturday morning: welcome to date weekend!  See Beach is going to grandma’s right after gymnastics practice ends today.
In case you didn’t know I set up date night awhile back and I have been waiting for the Colbster to do something- anything.  I’m not good at waiting so gave up and set this trap for him.  I called my mom and asked if she wouldn’t mind taking Beach to church on Sunday….and oh-yeah canshealsospendthenightsaturday,thanksthatwouldwondergottagothecatisonfiremomIloveyou. >click<
Then the really good back story I have been hold out on the Mexican War of 2012 going on behind the scenes over here on the farm.  I should explain, going to the corner store is a hair-raising adventure with Colby.  Going to Mexico is, well, there isn’t a word for what it is.  But he has a dream to drag his wife and child to Mexico to surf.  It is a trip he usually does with a buddy not a family- every see the Hangover?  This example covers all the conversations going on, you can insert any travel topic:  “Why can’t you even admit that I was right, that we need passports to go to Mexico?”
“NO, because we don’t, and I said it, and you were wrong because you don’t need a passport to drive to Mexico…”
“Right, you need one to get out.”
 “And that’s wrong, the laws are all messed up the government……(20 minutes later)…vote Ron Paul…..CEO’s….(20 minutes later)…Republicans…Polar Ice Caps...”
Ugh.  So at the foot of date night weekend we have passport applications to prepare, new possible travel dates to decide on, and a very unhappy wife to please.  I gave him a not so slight hint over the phone, “You do realize I don’t like you very much right now?  Mexico is becoming the new Christmas and the way you are going about it is trashing our relationship.” Then I got blunt.  I spelled out what I want him to do, what I needed from him, & he must have got hit on the head (very possible he was at work) because he listened to me- that’s a start.
I really am easy.  I asked for windshield wiper fluid (my equivalent of flowers- auto maintenance), dinner in (saving $ for the trip/bail), & some time reading together or I would take a movie from the box.  See, that kind of easy.  I also know for us to pull out of this funk I will have some changing to do too.  I mean really, even I know you can’t start date weekend in some other man’s pants and expect it to go well.           

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