Friday, January 20, 2012

mud monkey

Mud season has come early on the farm.
This morning I asked Beach to shower because her hair looked awful & to please change her shirt.  This particular shirt, a hand-me-down form The Boy's daughter, has been pink slipped. No amount of washing can save it now.  In fact, yesterday we made a $2 investment to replace it with a sweet green stripped turtleneck sweater.  She popped back into the kitchen where her big sister & I were talking.  She had brushed her hair & cut the once white but now perma grey sleeves off her shirt. 
"Really." She shrugged back & pulled the new sweater on over it.  
I followed her out into the yard.  Beach following a rabbit.  I cleaned & she muddied.  

I need to call her to come in, get cleaned up for gym, & put on a Leo but I'm going to hide all the scissors first becasue I'm afraid of what she might think to do to stay in that shirt...

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