Saturday, January 21, 2012

not us, but the beer was good...

After reading The Film Club by David Gilmour Colby got all excited and culturally motivated.  If I have never mentioned it before Colby was raised in Africa, all things Americana go right over his head. He searched the library for movies on the list of movies screened in the book.
In the book Marlon Brando is given the title of one of the best actors in film history.   He was intrigued by the idea of Brando.  He brought home two flicks: One-Eyed Jacks and On the Water Front.
I picked for us to watch One-Eyed Jacks because Beach was around and it seemed the better film for an 8 yr old to ask questions about.  But Brando's first line in the movie Beach says, "What the hell did he just say it sounded like..>mumbling<".  Defensively Colby told her to be quiet knowing she can't be quitet she left the room and fell asleep in our bed.  Now Colby isn't a Western or War movie guy & he doens't watch sports. I however have a solid background in all three of those thanks to my father but I didn't know anything about Brando, not really.  So together we watched.  We made periodic comments to each other about how well done the film was and then as it went on and on and on finally Colby said, "Does this movie ever end?"
"Yes it does," I said getting up and turning it off.  I turned around looked a Colby, "You do know the story of the Emperor's new clothes right?"
He laughed, "What the hell did he say anyway, >mumbling< >laughing<"
Lesson #1 of Film Club: we aren't Brando fans. 

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