Saturday, August 20, 2011

unscripted stars

I honestly don’t know what I thought it would be like.  I knew what a star party was: a field of people in dark hovering over telescopes politely gasping phrases like 'wow' & 'beautiful'.  It is like watching fire works only with that quiet library feel. 

The last star party we attended was amazing but it was also at the top of the tram at Snow Bird Ski Resort- even in September the top of that mountain is winter cold.  We were bundled in all our best winter gear yet Beach and spent most of the time in the warming shack waiting to go.  It was really too cold to enjoy.

So when we pulled up to Wheeler Farm at dusk I knew at least it wouldn’t be cold.  The rest was wide open.  I saw the small crowd.  And the big telescopes.  Then I saw the dozen or so lights flickering around on the grass. Only one known creature moves with speed and unpredictability like that- FREE RANGE CHILDREN.

“I wish I had a flashlight” Beach said responding to the call of the wild as I pulled her carefully stashed flashlight out of my pocket.  It was night, & it was dark, & we were away from home but the second that light was in her hand she was off.   

Oh we looked at the stars, planets, rings, & moons.  We made the rounds twice through the lines once before Saturn set & once after.  Our family & my friend & her daughter enjoying the changing universe.  Beach standing on step stools trying her best to see tiny distant lights. 

But the real fun was with the pack of children on the fringe.  We followed them to the playground & you know what? They simply had the best light show there.  Not to mention their telescope had a twisty slide. 




It doesn’t get better than this.  

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  1. :)
    We were on a totally different end from that...
    After swimming all day at the pool, our eyes were so sensitive. We went out into the woods, and were watching for owls and bats (and seeing them!) and then people would come around and shine flashlights in our eyes, and around us and scare off the bats... and again and again... then were walking back and this dumb lady kept shining her bright light in our faces when were were going back to the star party... then we walked past he lights at the playground and the mad screaming (quite a shock, after the quiet of the woods), and I was like "get me the hell out of here." :)
    It wasn't that bad - it was an awesome night, I just had to stay away from the noise and lights!