Wednesday, August 24, 2011

rest in peace & run like hell

My beloved Kilo slipped out one of the gates this morning while Colby & the kids were loading the van for the Weber River. He was struck & killed on 1700 So. Whoever hit him most likely didn't see him because they didn't stop.

RIP baby dog. mlb

Like I said to be a blogger you either must be incredibly optimistic or a very good lair, today I am neither.

Dear Friends at Best Friends Animal Society,
It is heart breaking to write you to say that Kilo was hit & killed by a passing car yesterday morning at the bottom of our street.  He had slipped out one of the open gates as we loaded for a river trip.  The thing is Kilo never wandered; he hardly left my side.  All he ever wanted was to be next to me, on top of me, or under me.  I had gone into my child's room to cuddle her before she left for the river because I was worried about sending my baby without me.  All I can figure is Kilo didn't know where I was because the morning routine was altered and had left following the path he & I run together looking for me.  We will never know why yesterday happened.  The car who hit him did not stop it was early and dark so I must assume they didn't see him- being negative won't help us now.
Kilo will not be returning to Angel's Landing he wants to be with me.  I burred him in the corner of my garden so he no longer has to wait at the garden gate for me to finish watering.
Thanks for all you did to unite us.
His life was his own & he graciously shared it with me.
Misty Brown 8/25/2011

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  1. I know y'all will miss him greatly. He was a super sweet dog.

    He had a special place in my heart cause he was so gentle and patient with Antonio. RIP skitso pup. <3