Sunday, August 14, 2011

coming clean

(Saturday am)

I have to admit I am too tired to get us ready for going out into the desert today.  I wonder if Moses ever felt like this, no wait, of course he didn’t he had wives. 

A few days back Beach at the park playing with free range children from our hood I could hear that deep croaky cough which makes a parent cringe.  When I got close I could see the scabs & snot or maybe just scabs of snot on the child’s face.  “If she gets sick in a few days remind me of this,” I had told Colby.  I have a strange fascination with where disease comes from.  But Beach has an enviable immune system.  I on the other hand I do not.  So guess who is sick. Yep, the mom laying in the grassing watching the kids cough & sneeze all over the equipment & Beach. And she is fine. I am so out of it I decided grinding good coffee to take camping was too much trouble and this unknown bag of pre-ground flavored coffee was just fine.  It was the same decision making powers that lead to the last waffle being huge & oozing over the sizes of the waffle maker and a good cup full of batter dumped down the drain. I was over making waffles.
I hope the desert understands.

That is a lot to ask of sun & sand, to be understanding.

(Saturday pm) 
But the desert is magic for me.  It is the only place my mind is ever quiet.

Sick hiking is iffy. 
I had to choose easy routes.  Beach walks on air & vertical surfaces.
My dog literally fell off a cliff face trying to follow Beach.  It was the longest “Oh my god” moment watching him ‘run’ the fall, waiting for the thud.  Scraped, bleeding, & scared he is actually fine.


The desert has many faces.

 We were joined in the evening by friends & loved ones of the Late John Penn for a full moon send off. Scattering his ashes at one of his favorite spots. 

White Rocks is past Lone Rock, past Hastings Cut Off, past the Goshuet Indian Reservation.  It is past the Past. 

(Sunday am)
I woke up after the passing rain thinking today is Sunday.

 And tomorrow the world begins again…

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