Friday, August 26, 2011

twist of fate

Ready or not she needed us now. 
Abandoned at a kennel by her adoptive parents. We can keep her or help her find a Forever Home with someone else...  
Meet Mercy.  How bittersweet. Watching her makes me laugh & it makes me cry.

 A little dog in a big place with a lot to learn. A puppy on the farm?! Those birds aren't too pleased with short stuff.
Someone is really flipping over her. Wouldn't you? Look at that mug. 

And a strange relationship with

A puppy.
I threatened to get one but I didn't mean it.

Ready or not life moves on.  Welcome back Fudge the rabbit & welcome home Mercy. I'm pretty sure Beach is your mommy but don't worry I'm never very far away.   


  1. You are such a good person. I cant imagine how hard it is and how not ready you are for a new dog. It says a lot that you are taking her in and loving her anyway. You have a big heart!

    I hope you are doing ok. <3 <3

  2. Sometime the hardest things are what, in the end helps us heal. I find it wonderful that you opened your home to this puppy, who could use a wonderful family like yours. This new dog will never replace your beloved, but will help you grieve and heal all the while remembering Kilo.