Tuesday, August 2, 2011

life in still motion

How do you even begin to explain last night? It started with a plan for a nice picnic dinner in the park for the free Monday Concert with one group of friends and transitioned into a crazy but still nice picnic dinner in the park with other friends.

My neighbor (& new friend) & our 2 daughters, one of my best guy friends & 2 of his children, & another new friend the mom of the Wild One (one of the level 4 gym-rats) & her baby, & those young boys on the hill the girls found…oh yeah and the Creeper with the dog.

I really dig my friends new & old; everyone of them brings something wonderful into my life. 

Take the Boy, once simply a friend of friend then one snowy night on the other side of the Wasatch Back he swooped in saving me from a situation I couldn’t seem to free myself from.  He bought me a cup of coffee & drove me safely home to Colby.  We became very close friends, then for a while he was very far away, & now back again- but never really gone.  He's been showing up a lot.
He showed up last night at the park with a freshly blown out knee & a cooler full of hot dogs (my true second love).  This is the man if given the choice of one companion to be stranded on a desert island with I would choose him. Why would she say that? Because he is very capable & crazy smart.  And I am my best self when he is standing behind me, he pushes me, he makes me laugh, he's made me cry, he knows when I need help, & he knows when the help I need is for him to stand back & watch me struggle: something I have found a friend can do but often a lover cannot. 

Welcome back, my life has missed you.

But boys of all sizes making unexpected appearances (ah girls, where did these boy’s come from?), creepy men with dogs, fire dancing, & hula lessons were not even half of the night’s adventures.   



Chicken wrangling in the dark pulling 9 baby chicks out of a tree with 4 children, a ladder, a laundry basket, 2 mom’s, one Colby, & one flashlight would have been the grand finale but when they all popped out of the basket scattering across the house & the Boy laid-up with the bum knee on the sofa it was like indoor fireworks. 

Smile. Giggle. Snort.   


This is life isn’t it? Unscripted, planned & unplanned, & incredibly sweet.  Chicken number nine pulled from under Beach’s bed this morning while she slept.  Don’t sleep too long little one, what dream could possible match the wonders of our reality?

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  1. Really enjoyed this one. You can really tell how much joy you have in your life.