Saturday, August 6, 2011

life in a ditch

What happens when you spend too much time hanging around in shady places, living life in the fast lane, in & out of the gutter?

You might fall into a rough crowd.

Or you might turn to a life of crime.

Isn't that the sweetest Cat Burglar you have ever seen? Breaking into the Boy's house with a little help from dad.

And happy too. 

Pillaging (=eating popcorn) in the Boy's bed, oh he is going to love coming home to this...

So she broke into his house & we cooked him dinner (still working on the hardened criminal thing).
He didn’t seem to put out over it.  Spoiled her rotten with glow sticks, a nice fire, & he ate all the marshmallows she burned.

In fact, he even gave her the moon.

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