Thursday, August 25, 2011

over the river & through the woods

Over the river & through the woods to Grandma’s house to pickle the bumper crop of r&b farm cucumbers with a pro.


What the hell?!?! I need to stop giving people my kids & my camera.
Oh-yeah bee house making.  (see the finished product)
Watch that kid on the saw she has shifty eyes.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Ries!


  1. so fun! when I got to the picture of Beach with the saw I thought "what the hell?? how big are their cucumbers?!?"

  2. First thought:Yummy! Second thought:WHAT the HELL, Beach can use one of those? Third thought: Well if Beach can do it, why am I such a chicken to use one? If she can do it so can I. Though don't count on it...

  3. lol at Crystal. :D That was funny.

    Secondly... awesome. Yay for girl power.