Thursday, November 24, 2011

i am grateful for four, make that five

                                                               a note to my kids: 
as i watched you guys altogether last night & you too boy-alex, laughing, loving, eating, i was happy- truly happy. 
being reminded of the time baby beach puked in alexis mouth or hearing the tales of conner seeing him as a crazy four year old in my heart as i see him nearly a man with my eyes.  the cousins, the brothers-in-law, my sister, and lucky us two sets of grandparents crowed around my parents table for our family thanksgiving dinner.
what i want to say to you and your cousins and all the other kids is: we the adults are grateful for you.  and i am sorry we are raising you in a world at war with itself. i think back to 9/11 and the feeling i had that morning driving to work, alex and conner in the backseat.  i knew you would pay for the decisions of angry grown-ups, you would be the generation called to war because we were unable to see clearly through the smoke rising from the flames of waste, death, & terror.

the harder choice is peace, the harder choice is seeing your own culpability, the harder choice is to find enough strength in humanity to be grateful even when planes fall from the sky and buildings crumble. 

                                              heros were proven that day. devils created. 

and through the smoke we choose to fan the flames of hate, letting fire rage into your lives and your freedoms.  the voices calling for peace were over powered & we opened the nursery door letting evil in. 
i would offer you this piece of advice when you get the chance to decide for yourselves which way to turn- turn the other cheek, not meekly, but proudly & honestly. 
                                                   life is complex but love is simple. 
be grateful. those who walked before you whether they were right or wrong, strong or weak, let them teach you. move forward into this world make it a better place to raise your own children but please along the way don't forget to look back.
we are behind you.   
gratefully yours with love, mom   
~Herk enjoying yet another Thanksgiving Day~

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