Thursday, November 24, 2011

the joys of fall'in

Our holiday exchange, that is exchanging the values & traditions from those of others to our own actually started the first Thanksgiving Colby & I were Colby & I.  Since my family celebrates Thanksgiving on the Wed night & his family was spread across the world, parents in Romania, Brother in the Air Force maybe at that time in England, his sister in Japan, he and I were left to our own devices.
We took left over turkey and cranberry sauce from my folks, some bread, an apple, and a bottle of wine and hiked to the top of a small mountain over looking the valley.
Later that day, late in the afternoon we drove through the Wasatch Mountains to the heart of the Wasatch Back.  Found an open gas station with hot coffee and drove...
We stopped in the small mountain community of Samak, Utah to visit one of Colby's oldest friends in his one room cabin.
That was one of the best days of my life.  And just the other day that same friend Dan, showed up on my door step needing a ride to the airport so he could fly back to the woman he loved in New Zealand.  He was abandoning his life & his things here, the one room cabin, the truck, all them needless possessions compared to love & happiness.
So today doing Thanksgiving our way I went for a run, we put one of our turkeys in the oven, listened to Alice's Restaurant, and raked leaves. 
We lent a cup of sugar to the neighbors, then a cookie cutter, then a cookie sheet...
Eventually they came for Beach and she went off to the Grandma's with her two best friends for a Thanksgiving Dinner served with tortillas. In honor of keeping life simple two Winter Holiday gifts have already been given. Colby brought Beach home a new tool kit, it was a huge hit.  And I found Colby a corduroy Patagonia Jacket (for only $9.99!!!)  Each gift was gifted with a "Happy Winter Holiday!"

The Boy is due over here before dark, driving down from the Heber Valley.  Waiting for him is making me miss him.  It defies logic, he was sitting at my table less than 48 hours ago.  I know he will bring his dog, maybe 2 of his 3 kids.  Any which way there is room and food (and wine) for all.   
In the words of my Older Sister, "You have a box and whoever is in your box is your family."  Thanksgiving is the best of everything all at once.  The weather, the color, the cooking, the wine, the stories, the music, the morning run, the walks, the hikes, and the box- you can't forget the box.  I have already told my children how I feel today so now I say to my friends and my family thank you & I love.  And to the extra special few, you are the rocks to my roll.     
~A child kneeling at the foot of the grave
giving thanks for the too short life of a great dog~ 
Damn, I loved that dog.

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