Friday, November 18, 2011

poetry by the barefoot cowgirl

this is my song by ebr

I live the western town now
I ride horses now
I used to live in the city, haw! 
I shoot guns now
I eat meat and that's all

This is my song
as the buffalo roams
the wind blows here
stronger than anyone
never rains in the desert
it is always hot
never turns cold
it's dark but the cows still fight 
I live in the western town now
and this is my song 

It went something like this that night
some bad sheep rolled in
and everything went dark
then came the light out from the darkness of the dead
the ghosts moves and everything was dead
It sounded something like this last night
a crumble a creek some tiny peep
woke up and fought for my life with my horse and my bare-feet
so this is my song
I hope it was good,

I live in a western town now more can be good.

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