Sunday, November 13, 2011

an in context answer to how I do that

Beach has a head cold.  She insisted on going to gymnastics. No not look that those cute somersault gymnastics, 3 hours of unbelievable gymnastics training. 
"You don't have to go if you don't feel well," we said. 
She accused us of working for the other team. 
"You don't have to stay," her coach said.
"I'm not sick because I don't get sick," she said.

Okay then, a dinner of bread and fruit, a night filled with Yahtzee, and Uno and Beach began to droop to one side.  She drooped so much we had to ask what was going on.  "My neck hurts (mom instantly thinks Meningitis!) and my shoulder along here (mom thinks damn one day it will be Meningitis and I will be ready!)". IB therapy for a kid who never takes medicine, ice, hot water bottle, and rest.

Sunday morning things aren't any better. We send a note off to the coaches and settle in (minus my little Sunday run with the dogs) for a day of reading, educational games, & other school work. 
2PM I am out of coffee, ideas, and course work.  Beach says "If you don't have anything else educational for me to do then I think I will go clean my room if that is okay?"
The question I am answering is: How in the hell do you home school?  I don't know how other parents do IT but if you met her, spent the day with her, you wouldn't ask me that ever again.

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