Tuesday, November 15, 2011

out & down

I’m moving around gingerly holding a glass of water.  He looks at me pauses then asks, “Are you okay.  You are moving like you are hurt or something.”
“I’m fine.”
He waits for me to change my answer.  I don’t so he offers me coffee. 
“No thanks,” I say. 
He raises an eyebrow. 
“Are you sick?” 
“No, I’m fine.”  He stands back to watch me I pull the baking soda out measure a spoon full into a shot glass and just enough water to dissolve it then I shoot it. 
“You woke up with chest pains,” he sighs.
“I’m fine,” I say again carefully placing each step I am taking away from the kitchen.  “I’m sure it is nothing more than dehydration.” 
“Did you run yesterday?”
“And went on a long walk with Beach?”
“And a little bit of cross fit…” I take the stairs despite myself laughing a little bit of cross fit is like a little bit pregnant. I shrug, “I’ll sort it out today.”

What I’m treating is metabolic acidosis (too much acid in body fluids) and hyperkalemia (too much potassium in the blood) complications of Diabetes.  Let me correct that statement: complications of caring for my Diabetes, complications of bypassing the insulin pathway through exercise.  Yes, we have talked about this before because this is part of my life like it or not. 
Today according to Beach is Toosday so we have some spelling to do.  Yesterday was beautiful I wouldn’t change a thing. Sunday at my big sister's was perfect.  This Saturday is Beach’s HUGE to us State Gymnastics meet.  She has been nursing a shoulder and neck strain and a lingering mild head cold, which all has me worried for her and her team.  So this is a bad week for me to say I don’t feel like fighting this right now.  I feel like calling BJ asking him if he would come over and just sit with me until I get sick enough to be admitted. I don’t want phone calls over this or e-mails, I just wanted to be able to spell out honestly how I am feeling on a Toosday.
And like it always does this too shall pass rather quickly too becasue we really need cat food.

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