Tuesday, November 1, 2011

on the first day women created art

When I was in school and the Big Kids were little I used to create with paper & a good felt tip marker massive castles for them filled to the brim with haunted details: dangerous dungeons, peering phantom eyes, spooky Mr. Bones, crawling spiders, vine covered towers...
A few years ago I came across this collection of architecture stamps (2nd hand for almost nothing!) & fell in love with them for the same reason I loved to draw twisted castles.
 Using a salvaged glass kitchen cupboard as our flat surface we created a strange new land.
Like a made-up story for a made-up land, last night was a warm & windy Halloween night.
Today, November 1st, rain appropriately turned to snow.  
Not so story book for me, instead of getting well today, I am getting sicker :(  despite the fact that I didn't go out last night.
That's okay though, I understand the building with the monkey on it is a good medical clinic. 
And I am very well taken care of here in the land of make believe. 


  1. I would have to agree that those stamps rock! I would love to see some of the castles too :)

  2. When I saw them the other day, I was so happy about those stamps! What a find! :)