Thursday, November 10, 2011

one to another

Reading Little House in the Big Woods we ran across a very simple math problem which needed solving: Mary & Laura were each given a cookie by a neighbor.  They would each eat half and save the other half for their sister Carrie who got 2 halves making a whole.  Neither Mary or Laura thought it fair but they couldn't solve it.  Beach has had the skills needed to solve this problem for many years so I figured why not take a second to do it... 
 "Oh I know how to solve it- ask the Old lady for another cookie!"
Okay, I walked into that one.  "Good solution but would you give me another?"
"Each girl gets 1/2 the extra half goes to the mom"
"Even better.  Got any more?"
"Yeah eat the whole cookie and forget about Carry!"
See I was right.  It was all very simple and Beach very skilled!  

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