Sunday, November 6, 2011

you brought home mother f*ing what?!?!

There will be a point when I write down the story of my whole life.  Some editor will hand it back, tell me it's good but no one will believe it really happened, come on you've got to be lying about some of this...

Meet Fred & George.
Yes they seem to be pigeons who found themselves stuck in the bread dumpster in a big old pile of dough. 
Do you mind if I see that list again?  I thought you went out for chicken bread, fresh apples, & a full tank of gas.  I'm pretty sure dirty birds were not on the list.
So I said, "How do you cook pigeon?"
And he said, "You are supposed to wash them not eat them."
I think I liked the freegan bread day better.

 A bird in the hand...there are at least a half dozen bad bird jokes here.

She has always wanted a pigeon.


  1. OMG. Do you know Zach is completely obsessed with pigeons? We were at the library today and he went to watch them. He came back and asked me what I know about pigeons and I said not much. He told me "I know that when they get scared they poop. I think its so they are lighter and can get away faster."

  2. By the way, I showed him this post and started at the top. I told him they were stuck in bread dough and someone had to take them home to wash them to rescue them. I asked who it would be and he said "I'm sure it is Beach, she would do something awesome like that."