Monday, June 6, 2011

a thousand tiny bubbles

 'Too small throw her back' applies to fish not children.  We all know this so if you see a small child below the water you pull it out.  The unfortunate part of this parent type logic for Beach is that she is small. 

At four she was even smaller. 

“Little might be little but little might be strong.” E. Beach Ries age 4.

Our local outdoor pool is Seven Peaks Water Park formerly Raging Waters.  Don't judge us.  We can walk there or bike or skate.  I have however learned that biking in a dress, even with a swimsuit under it, leaves very little to the neighbors’ imaginations

I’ve said Beach was born talking.  The next thing that kid did was swim. 
You know the boy in the Sound of Music who didn’t like to be touched? Add that & you have Beach age 4, under water, talking to herself.  Insteps parent for the rescue.  A half naked man she has never seen before yanks her out of the water.  She takes one look at him and starts crying.  He’s thinking ‘Wow, that was a close one. Here’s your baby back lady’ *Dudley do right smile* 
Thanks Mister, you made her cry. Can you put her back where you found her?

Beach happily floating just under the surface of the waves, insteps parent for the rescue. This time it was the surprise of being grabbed that causes Beach to inhale a lung full of water. ‘Here’s your baby back lady’ *disapproving frown* 
Thanks Mister, you almost killed my kid saving her. Security!!

This is really just Karma.  At three she liked to jump in the pool at Fairmount flounder about until the life guards would jump in.  Then as they swam towards her she would swim off.  No, I’m not joking she really thought it was funny.

“Why do people keep grabbing me out of the water?!” she asks.

“Because normally a kid your size under the water is a bad thing Beach.”

“Yeah but don’t they know I’m not normal?!” 

Insteps parent for the rescue. “Hey is your kid okay?!”

“No she’s not normal but she’s not drowning so don’t save her.”
*audible gasp*
“Wow, you’re right that’s not normal.”

“Yep. And thanks for not trying to save her from it.”

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