Saturday, June 18, 2011

the strange of kindness

“Do you sale batteries?”
“Oh I’m sorry we don’t.”  She smiles ripping my heart out, throwing it to the floor, and stomping on it.  It is 15 minutes before Beach’s State Gymnastics Meet and the rechargeable batteries AREN’T.  And I’m alone in a strange place with $40.00 in grocery money in my pocket wondering what I’m going to do. 

I did my job I put those things in the charger but once in the camera the little orange icon in the corner flashes low battery.  Well yeah, I’ve been saying it for awhile- I’m dragging, what the hell is your problem?

“I have batteries.” A man I've never seen before says.  He turns to the young girl standing beside him, “Go out to the truck they are on the seat.”
I am totally balled over and he can see it.
“Can I pay you for them?” I ask reaching in my pockets hoping to find something useful- like that grocery money.
“No, you don’t need to do that.”
“Are they double A’s?” I stammer in shock.  
“Yes, I have the same camera.” He says smiling at this basket case of a mom in jeans, a tee-shirt that reads ‘sleeps well with others’, and a ball hat.
“Thank you so much.”
“You are welcome.  It’s nothing.”
But it’s not NOTHING and I think we can all see that…

We pass him on the way out, the State Champ of Level 3 gymnastics and me.
“Thank you again.” I say to him hoping this time he understands how big his little gesture was to a mom (& a family) that has poured every dime we have (& some that we don’t) into this kid, & that this one eyed kid has poured every ounce of her soul into this sport.
Random acts of kindness can be like Roulette.  Your gamble maybe lost to greed or to the odds but in just the right instant it can pay off big time.

He smiled at us.  It was a curious smile both of us now knowing who the other is; he is one of the owner’s of a rival gym & I am Beach’s Mom.

Thanks for the batteries.

It was exactly what we needed today. The way I see it, it was a win-win situation on a double 'A' jack pot.      

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