Wednesday, June 8, 2011

in good hands

"You should home school." Shit. I said it. I suppose from here I throw on a frumpy dress, go out to the airport to hand out flowers & home schooling leaflets. 
"I could NEVER home school! I'm not smart enough," she answers. 
 But that's the trick I don't have to be smart. The way I see it you only need to be three things to be a home schooling parent:

1. Be available to your child
2. Be ready to learn yourself
3. Be a library card holder

It really is that simple. Sometimes I start a project and it is Beach who follows me.
Sewing projects: M.O.B. dolls for market.

Sometimes it is the other way around.

Little easy book projects:
Personalized book plates using her favorite pic's and bookmarks using the ticket stubs from the The Children's Theatre.

 Gimp, sigh. Sometimes she takes paths I would prefer we skip. (little but not easy)
 Sometimes we discover cool stuff together.

BBC KS2 Bitesize I am loving this page. It has it all!!! Comparative Morphology for kids <3.

Sometimes when I turn my back to grab a cup of coffee she can suddenly take off in her own direction. Where did she find this anyway?!  And it leads to me following her or building on the idea she has generated.

 And again from books about measuring (mom's idea) to real life measuring (Beach's idea) in a matter of minutes...

Sorry little Boo, maybe you will grow next month.
Having this guy around helps too. He is the reader of Harry Potter, the physics 'explainer', the builder & fixer, the spider (& skunk) killer, & the dad who tucks her in at night because I'm too tired to do it.  


 He is also the man who makes this all possible.

I guess being smart helps.  After all I had to be smart enough to know a good thing when I saw it.  We have a very funny love story I should blog it one day...caution: don't try this at home, a love story

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