Sunday, April 29, 2012

the birthday Boy's wild night & a quiet blue morning

When the night begins with this (above) & that (below)...
you know to hold on tight!
Act 1 of The Boy's birthday was beer, bowling, & burgers.
The birthday Boy & Colby.
Good thing we have a coach with us.
The birthday Boy & I.
bowling splits
The Boy's boys.
 Act 2 was hot tubing at the ski-in mansion way, way back in the mountains.
& perhaps some other things.
There was cake...
and rumors of sleep...
5 am the next morning I took the dogs on a frosty mountain stroll.
Then I wandered the mansion looking for early signs of life & a pot of coffee.
Pre-breakfast, breakfast of champions :) Hi Fire Dad, sorry about that.
Here was the real breakfast! by me.
The boys needed these :)
Good-bye wild wild west.
May this year bring you all your heart's truest desires.
Happy Birthday Josh.
We love you.

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