Friday, April 27, 2012

a cheep surprise

You might have caught we had a hen sitting, yep, had, cause then we had a skunk come by...but this morning Beach & I were getting ready for a rainy arbor day at Red Butte when suddenly we heard a cheep-cheep. 
We looked at each other then jumped up heading for the birds nest which is half in the roof & embarrassingly half in the house.  But that was not the source of the cheep. 
Looks like we had another sitting hen.
~Just the two of them~


  1. I so want to raise chickens! I have a sad feeling it will be a while before I can... Moving every 2 years probably isn't the best lifestyle to have for raising chickens :(

    1. You know what could be done, you might post at a local farm store you are looking for homeless chickens, that way you could get adult (hopefully egg laying) hens who need a place to stay for awhile. That is how we started our flock: homeless older chickens. And when you know you are going to move again give them away.
      I'm getting excited to hear about your big move. Promise to post about it when you can.