Tuesday, April 3, 2012

oh boy love thy neighbor, again

Some of you might have heard the story of the day my sweet neighbor Anthony saved my life.  I don't remember if it was before or after he went to prison that one time for that one thing but anyway we were tearing out the floor upstairs which happens to be the ceiling when you are downstairs.  Colby was up. tossing periodic pieces down for Anthony and me to haul outside.  I was just reaching down about to grab another arm full when Anthony very calmly pushed me backwards with one flick of his very large very strong hand. There was a crack and a huge piece of the ceiling/floor fell between us.  I stared at him and he stared at me then Colby peered sheepishly over the edge.  Luv and drywall dust.  I love my Anthony!

Funny Sign - Help press red button, or Yell!Okay so Beach and I get home today from gym, one of us is crying about getting candy as a reward from our more than generous coaches verses some stupid little chicken and Colby orders me to sit down and have a beer.  Then he proceeds to tell a story which involves a ladder, a saw, a tree limb or two, and a massive recoil.  The short version (my version) the branch falls down, the ladder falls down, and Colby manages to grab another branch and is left hanging by one hand (saw in the other) dangling 18 feet over the chicken yard.  Anthony in the next yard over is clued in by his girlfriend's yelp of "Help him!" jumps the back fence and rescues Colby.
Damn, quick thinking and a boy who is used to jumping 8 foot fences under pressure now that makes a good neighbor! 
Funny warning sign - Please be safe


  1. Oh dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, please don't kill my brother yet, we have more skiing to do. And arguing. Because one of us is wrong about Global Warming, and it's gonna take a while to work it out. That's all, I guess.

  2. P.S. Please thank Anthony for me, I don't think I've met him. I owe him all the beer he can drink.