Sunday, April 1, 2012

more coffee, kill roosters

Okay, so that was what Colby mumbled as he walked by "more coffee, kill roosters" yep, no April Fooling it is a work day on the farm.  The extra roosters unearthed a row of peas and then a row carrots. The end is near.

I had been up for a while writing.  The sleep-over downstairs making Jurassic Waffles- don't ask.

On my third cup of coffee I let the dogs in to avoid the smell of wet dog too early in the morning.  LDS conference weekend means rain in Utah.  My dog came in looking guilty, carrying something in her mouth heading for her beloved kennel to hide.  Twenty minutes later she joins me upstairs and drops an egg in my hand. WTH? How did she not break it?!?!

Fetching my my fourth cup of coffee I was walking down the stairs and the bird building a nest in the roof fell inside.  So I picked him/her up and shoved it back outside.  This is filed under not my job to make sure birds don't fall into the house but since I was right there I figured I'd help out.

Back to writing and my dog starts rolling a tennis ball down the stairs, fetching it, and doing it again.  While the morning news discusses how to not get hit by a train.  Holy shit... today looks like a great day to run.   

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