Saturday, May 5, 2012

a night of unidentified free range children

I learned a couple of things about myself and the limits of the human body last night. 
First, I now know if I needed to I could host my own funeral.  A strange thing to say but late yesterday afternoon when the 'cold' I have moved from a few fever blisters on my lip to the roof of my mouth, my throat, and into my eyes >gross< I know sorry about that, I didn't cancel the bbq dinner planned on the farm.  Had any other 2 woman been on the night's agenda Tara, my best friend from 1st grade on and one of my favorite newest friend Mrs. K I would surely have canceled the bbq.  These 2 super woman however don't really need me to host a party at my house either one of them could handle it.  So having both coming I figured let's play....

 Chicken any one?
The grill master.
Mrs. K's rice.
Tara's salad.
What I didn't count on was all the extra free range children who showed up.   
We had all of our kids that's 2 for me, 2 for Tara, & 2 for Mrs. K.  Then there are the twins, their aunt (one of Beach's besties), the other aunt (another bestie), a cousin of someones, the kid in the helmet and his little sister.  Okay, so kid in the helmet turned out to Beach's friend-that-is-a-boy Jordan from down the block.  Smart kid, he left the helmet on the whole night; any boy who plays with Beach should wear a helmet. Then Step son had his friend, and then biggest Brother showed up wiht his friends....
These bad photos are proof of how sick I am.
We also had Ned, the city dog.
Free range feet :)
And since we already had the wake I'm going go rest in peace now....

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