Thursday, April 5, 2012

a chance of you

a chance of you  mlb

It’s like holding hands in the dark
peering, waiting, wondering
feeling the wind move in
the leafs rise & fall as waves in a broken amber ocean 
chill reaching
the strength of a look dropped half way
the touch stopped before it started
silence is clouds bridging the gap from here to where I stand
the shadows long
the highway drab
watching, waiting, wondering
as the storm crawls nearer
and never comes
standing in the absence of rain
in the quiet of an afternoon
in the middle of nowhere
the sky streaking by without touching the ground
the wind a whimpering  embrace
I could pretend to stand beside you
your shoulder against mine
as if we weren’t at all
I want to whisper in the air is that you?
Are you really there?
Are we really anywhere?
 eyes shut tight, waiting, wondering
a storm blowing by in the night
whispering but never speaking
over the lights not on in a house well lit
turning the pages of a an empty book
pretending not to see what isn’t there
when you rolled your mouth to mine
words falling like snow in lamp light-
If I have never been here, you will never know me to miss me.

the storm blows over in sunset
flame embedded in the bones of the rising dark
followed by a morning that hangs
stark & empty
without the chance of you
on the horizon

1 comment:

  1. Misty. I know this feeling. You capture it well. The "you" is always changing for me. It used to be one person...I would fixate on and miss. Now I know it to be much more than that...and it does make the longing a little less. Although I do wait for it, look for it, always. Guess that's why you and I enjoy running so much?