Sunday, April 1, 2012

getting it right

In my other space over at dust fairies & darwin I had pondered the stress level on the child.  On fb yesterday a little word or two about a crying child dropped at the gym.  We had been late because she couldn't get her hair right...yes, see the issue hair is never the issue over here.     
  I flagged the coach down and warned her of the flow teacup mood. 
The coach approached her, "You feeling better?" 
"I just want to do gymnastics, it is the only thing I want to be doing." 
 It was the only thing she wanted to be doing. 
And she did have a great practice.  I returned 3 hrs later to a happy child. 
But why stop a happy when you can special order in 2 best friends?
 They jumped, they eat, we drank, they played, we all laughed,
and the hot tub got hot and we all got in.
There was watermelon, homemade pizza, tons of salad and vegetables, cookies & ice cream.
 See that smile, it is getting bigger!
 There was a show.
 And an audience.
 Dangerous maneuvers and stunts.
And a big finish!
Strawberries too?!?! Oh no she might explode from happiness. To the water then...
 There it is, the look 10 degrees past happy.
Good-bye March, hello April!

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